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    Product Name:Instant Gum Arabic Elnars
    Product Code:GA-E
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    Gum Arabic is the exudate from the bark of several species of the acacia trees found mostly in Africa. It is the most powerful prebiotic (food for probiotics or friendly bacteria in our intestines) known. It is 85% prebiotic, and also contains minerals and other nutrients. It is mainly soluble fibre.

    Although it has been mainly used as a food additive and emulsifier in the food and beverage industry, at higher doses/concentration, it has been found to have a wide range of health benefits.

    Since it enables the probiotics in our intestines to thrive and flourish, all the benefits of probiotics will be enhanced by Gum Arabic. Probiotics have been proven to improve gastro-intestinal health, immunity, diabetes, reduce allergies and infections, and many other benefits.

    In addition, Gum Arabic has been found to give results beyond that achievable by probiotics alone. The best result is of course achieved by consuming both.

    Thus Gum Arabic has been reported to give amazing improvements for gastro-intestinal health, diabetes, hypertension, renal failure, gout, and obesity.

    Like probiotics, it has been used successfully to treat diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, colic (in infants and children) and many other bowel problems.

    It is effective in helping diabetics control their sugar levels. Many diabetics have been able to reduce their drug dosage. Those who have mild diabetes have been able to stop taking drugs.

    The most remarkable health benefit of Gum Arabic is that many people with chronic kidney disease (renal failure) who require dialysis have improved tremendously. Some start producing urine again, and some have improved so much that they don’t require dialysis anymore! There are no known drugs that can do this.

    Likewise, those with mild hypertension have been able to stop taking drugs, while those with more severe hypertension found that their BP becomes more stable.

    Many gout patients have reported reduction in pain and swelling, and they need medicines less often.

    Gum Arabic also helps in losing/managing your weight, provided you consume it regularly.

    There are many more health problems that can be improved by Gum Arabic. Because our overall health begins with having healthy bowels, it is not surprising that Gum Arabic improves our health beyond expectation. There have been reports of patients even recovering from cancer.

    In the past we only know that probiotics are necessary for good health. Now we know that it is more important to ensure that the probiotics can thrive well to get the maximum benefits. There are 100 trillion bacteria in our intestines (more than all the cells that make up our body). Therefore it is crucial that we provide the prebiotics or food for the friendly bacteria (probiotics) to make sure they thrive and dominate, instead of allowing the bad bacteria (which feed on meats and other stuff) to dominate.

    If you are already healthy, you should take 1 dose (1 tbsp or 15gm or 1 sachet) daily, best taken before food. If you have some health problems and need to improve your health, then take 2x daily. If you have severe chronic disease (eg. severe diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure) you should take 3x daily. Cancer patients should take 4x daily.                                                                            [by Dr Amir Farid Isahak, Star Fit4Life Columnist

    GA-E-Instant Gum Arabic Elnars
    Price: RM 15.00
    RM 50.00
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